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emelle's catering ltd. opened its doors to greet our first guests in may of 1999. with a new, cool, contemporary and polished look, we quickly became the neighborhood's favorite place to stop for breakfast and lunch. our first guests, now turned regulars, have become dependant on emelle's to set the precedent for remarkable service and delicious cuisine.

Monday, May 9, 2011

We Are Clean & Green

Did you know that restaurants are the retail world’s largest energy users? Here at Emelle’s we care about our team, our commitment to service, our clients and just as importantly, our environment. Our team is dedicated to continuously discovering new ways of reducing our carbon footprint, while still providing our customers and clients with extraordinary food and service.
Emelle’s Catering is currently implementing the following initiatives to become an overall greener company:
1.       Using Eco-Friendly Products
·         All of our food containers and plastic serving wear are made from corn, which biodegrades in a fraction of the time of Styrofoam.
·         All of our napkins and paper towels are 100% recyclable.
·         Provide water dispensers and mugs for the customers to eliminate use of plastic water bottles and disposable cups.
·         We currently use environmentally-safe cleaning products supplied by AvmorGreen which “consistently meet the highest international and domestic standards for health and safety.” For more information please visit www.avmorgreen.com

2.      Purchasing In Season Produce and Food
·         Fresh produce and food products are purchased through Allied Food Services.
·         Allied Food Services purchases their fresh food products from BC, the United States and offshore areas such as Holland, Spain and Mexico. It buys BC produce during the growing season in the province, for the most part from local growers, producers and cooperatives. Allied also processes fresh products including slicing, shredding, dicing and mixing of various vegetables and greens to meet its customers uncooked product requirements. Currently they do not buy or distribute organically grown or natural food products, but plan on doing so in the future.

3.      Reusing and Recycling
·         All paper and plastic used with in our kitchen and restaurant are properly separated and recycled, then taken to the appropriate recycling facilities for sustainability.
·         We have an active battery recycling program and even accept batteries from others/events to ensure that they are returned to the appropriate battery disposal centers and not end up in landfills.
·         We re-use and refill all our toners & ink cartridges (not buy new ones!)
·         We try to do as much of our business with clients over the phone or online in order to cut down on paper wastage.
·         In our café we serve our customers with china and reusable cups.

4.      Reducing Energy and Electricity Usage
·         Ensure that new equipment like fax machines, telephones, and even the fridge have Energy Star ratings. An Energy Star rating means it has energy efficiency or 75% less power than standard incandescent lamps, cost efficiency or that it saves up to 30% in electricity costs in lamp life, and environment friendly or reduces emissions of pollutants including mercury.
·         Open windows or shades when it is still light out to let the light in instead of turning on the lights
·         Turn off restaurant equipment/electricity when not in use. Make it a habit to turn off air conditioner, the lights, and other electric gadgets when not in use or before going out.

5.      Eco-Fee Charge
·         All of Emelle’s deliveries are subject to a $5.00 Ego-fee which is put towards our green initiatives such as purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products and disposable plastic products, as well as gas and surcharges for our delivery vehicles.

6.      Greentable Membership
·         Emelle’s is proud to a member of the Green Table Network.
·         The Green Table Network is a Canadian non-profit that is working to promote and encourage those working in the food service industry to make the shift to more eco-friendly business practices including energy conservation, pollution prevention and water conservation. They work hand in hand with their members to find new and greener solutions that can benefit both their businesses and the earth. For more information please visit http://www.greentable.net/.
We are continuously searching for new business practices which will protect and benefit our environment. If you have any new and unique ways in which you are making your business greener or even your own daily life, we would love to hear from you.

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