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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Food Trends 2011

This peppery, nutrient-dense member of the cabbage family is not just for decoration anymore. It has been consistently showing up in a variety of new and unique ways. This fall try making your own kale chips; chopping it finely and serving it raw in a salad; tossed into an Asian stir fry; stirred into a hearty homemade soup or sautéed with garlic and lemon for a healthy side dish. Check out Fine Cooking for Kale prepping tips and great recipe ideas.

Did you know that ketchup actually only means vegetable or fruit sauce? Well, this fall put away that bottle of Heinz and try playing in your kitchen with a variety of seasonal vegetables, such as squash o red pepper to make a delicious condiment that can be served in just about as many was as the original. Or if you prefer the classic tomato sauce, try mixing it up a bit by spiking your favourite recipe with chipotle, chillies, or curry powder. Recipes to test out: Acorn-Squash Ketchup and Roasted Red Pepper Tamarind Ketchup

This antioxidant rich Japanese powder is becoming a popular flavouring addition to many of our favourite dessert recipes. This subtle green tea flavour can easily rework recipes for cupcakes, crème brulee, rice pudding and shortbread cookies. Matcha powder can easily be found in most supermarkets and health food stores. Matchasource has some great recipes for incorporating matcha into your baking.

You may be more familiar with using goat’s milk or cheese in your everyday cooking, but have you ever tried serving goat as a protein? Popular in Australian, Caribbean and Indian cooking, goat is quickly becoming a more common main dish in North American restaurants. Not only is goat’s meat rich in flavour, but it has 50% less fat than beef and 45% less than lamb. With a flavour slightly milder than lamb, goat is best served braised, pot-roasted or in a stew or curry. Perfect for dreary autumn weather; warm up with a tasty goat curry.

This may seem like an obvious choice for a fall food trend, but cooking and baking with this seasonal squash can go far beyond pumpkin pie. Pumpkin can easily be used in any recipe where you might use other varieties of squash, such as creamy soups, pasta fillings, oven-roasted sides, breads and desserts. It’s naturally sweet flavour and smooth texture when cooked lends itself very well to both savoury and sweet dishes. Not only do they taste great, pumpkins also pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. They are full of antioxidants and are great source of fibre. Instead of pumpkin pie this season, try out this tasty pumpkin tarte tatin recipe. YUM!
What ingredients or recipes are inspiring your cooking this time of year? We’d love to hear from you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Emelle's Summer Event Calendar

It's a Bard Summer! We hope that you can come out and join us for a summer of amazing Bard on the Beach events and delicious food!

Bard on the Beach continues…
For the past 22 years, the Bard on the Beach Festival has been a highlight of Vancouver’s summer season and this year is no exception. A redesigned main stage has allowed the spectacular mountains and ocean of Vancouver to play backdrop to this season’s plays. Guests have also been enjoying the newly expanded reserved seating and cushier chairs. With no need for line-ups guests have been free to relax and roam the festival grounds and enjoy one of Emelle’s Shakespeare inspired picnic baskets prior to show time. Haven’t been out to see a show yet? There is still plenty of time for you to head down to Vanier Park to check out one of this year’s featured plays: As You Like It, the Merchant of Venice, Henry VI or Richard III.  
Shows run until September 24th. Visit the Bard on the Beach website for more info. To order your Bard on the Beach picnic basket please visit our website.
Vancouver AM Tourism Association – Shakespeare for Breakfast (Friday July 8)
Come celebrate the 22nd season of Bard on the Beach by coming down to the new BMO tent at Vanier Park on July 8th for breakfast and Shakespeare with Vancouver AM Tourism. Christopher Gaze, the Artistic Director of Bard on the Beach will be speaking and Emelle’s will be serving up some delectable morning goodies.
For more information and to register for the breakfast please visit the Vancouver AM website.
Bard-BQ & Fireworks (July 30, Aug. 3 & 6)
Looking for a spectacular night out this summer? Look no further than heading to Vanier Park for a joint fundraiser for Bard on the Beach and the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. Start your evening with a 6PM showing of As You Like It or Richard III, then join Emelle’s during an extended intermission for a delicious salmon barbeque. To top of your night, head over to a private viewing area where you can watch the beautiful Celebration of the Light fireworks.
For more information and to purchase tickets please visit the Bard on the Beach website.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too Part II

Alternative Wedding Desserts and Treats
Last week we offered tips on ordering the wedding cake of your dreams, but in recent years many brides having been moving away from having the traditional wedding cake. If you like many other modern brides are looking for new dessert ideas to show off your unique personality and style, look no further. We have a few ideas:

These miniatures are quickly becoming the popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. They can be easily plated in tiers to resemble a wedding cake, but are far easier to serve to your guests as they are already individually portioned. Cupcakes are less expensive and can allow for a variety of flavours and designs rather than an entire cake in one flavour. Kiss Wedding has some beautiful cupcakes to spark your imagination.

French Macarons
Like cupcakes, making entire cakes or towers out of yummy French Macarons is quickly becoming a popular trend among modern brides. They too can offer a great variety of flavours and fillings to please any crowd. As My Riviera Wedding points out they can also make fantastic party favours for your guests.
Ice Cream Sandwiches
These are a great idea for any summer wedding. Like cupcakes they can easily be made into individual portions in a variety of different cookie and ice cream flavours. Try having a sandwich bar where guests can build their own individual sandwiches with their favourite cookie and ice cream. Check out Chez Wedd for some cool ideas.
Ice Cream or Candy Shops
Set up a miniature goodie shop, grazing station or sundae bar with a variety of different treats. Ice cream or gelato with different sauces, candy toppings and whipped cream or a Willy Wonka themed candy shop are all fun ideas. The key to having one of these stations at your reception is to have a wide variety of desserts and treats so you can please the entire crowd. Style Me Pretty has great ideas to make your guests feel like kids in a candy store!

Nothing is quite as homey and welcoming as warm apple pie, we say. If you are having a casual and intimate wedding in a backyard or on a farm, serving a variety of tasty homemade pies is the way to go. Apple, blueberry, strawberry & rhubarb, lemon meringue, key lime, pecan and banana cream are all classic favourites that are simple, will please everyone and won’t break your budget. We love A Million Little Details idea of making individual pies and crisps in mason jars that can be easily served at the wedding reception or can be sent home with guests as party favours.
Think of chewy cinnamon buns, sweet baklava, creamy éclairs and crispy cannoli. Doing tiered display of these delectable pastries and several others will put a smile on any wedding guest’s face. If you are looking for a more awe-inspiring pastry display try croquembouche. Traditionally made with cream puffs, this gravity-defying French favourite is built using a paper cone, then coated with caramel or chocolate drizzle. Wedaholic has great ideas for incorporating different flavours into your croquembouche wedding cake and tips on how to serve it properly.
Pudding and Mousses
This is an area of dessert where you can really creative with serving and presentation. Rather than serving pudding or mousses in traditional bowls, try chilled wine glasses, champagne flutes, espresso cups, sake cups, chocolate shells or even edible chocolate spoons. And you can get just as creative with the fillings. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, mocha, lemon, lime or berry mousses are simple to make and even easier to eat. Classic desserts such as rice pudding, tiramisu and parfaits are other fun options for your guests. If you have an ample budget you could even try individual crème caramel, crème brulee or flan. The Daily Olive suggests individual shot glasses of each dessert, so everyone can try a bit of each.

Carnival Fare
This is a great option for the fun and playful couple. Try setting up individual stands serving cotton candy, caramel apples, mini donuts and churros. If you are looking to fancy things up but still keep the fun try frozen bananas dipped in different gourmet chocolates or deep-fried chocolate bars served with a variety of ports and cognacs. Popsicles and snow cones can easily be made adult by adding your favourite fruit liqueur, but are still as fun to eat as when you were a kid. Martha Stewart has a sweet and stylish carnival stand to inspire you.
For the coffee lover who is having a late fall or winter wedding, this warm and toasty dessert alternative is bound make any guest feel welcomed. Try hiring a professional barista who can whip up a variety of coffee infusions with fresh milks, creams, sugars, syrups and liqueurs. You could even expand upon coffee by serving specialty teas, hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Of course you will need some tasty treats for dipping, such as biscotti, sugar cookies, shortbread, madeleines or mini donuts. These yummy cookies along with monogrammed pouches of your favourite coffee beans would make great personalized party favours. Visit Weddingstar for simple and sweet coffee bar ideas.
When it comes to your own wedding reception you shouldn’t feel that you are limited to only having wedding cake as your dessert. You are only limited by your imagination.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

The cake is a major focal point at any wedding reception. In addition to the rest of the wedding, the cake is an opportunity for the couple to make a statement about their style and personality. It is a reflection of the couple and their combining tastes that should marry well with the décor, location and atmosphere of the reception.
So when it comes to ordering your own wedding cake keep these points in mind and you will be sure to order the perfect cake.
Style & Design
The first decision to make when ordering your wedding cake is to decide on the style and design of cake you want. Layered and tiered cakes are the most common styles available. For a less formal or traditional setting there are single tier, sheet cakes, cupcakes or uniquely shaped cakes such as octagons. Note that if you are having a larger reception, a square or round cake can typically serve a greater number or guests and can be cut and served quickly.
In terms of design, you should ask if your baker has a portfolio or book of the cakes they have done in the past. Pay close attention to the variety in design, creativity and workmanship. Also inquire if they can do a custom-made design based on your own style or ideas. Collaborate and brainstorm with your baker, as it will lead to a cake that best suits your personality and taste.
Flavours & Fillings
Once you have settled on the style and design of your cake, set a date with your baker or caterer for a taste testing. Generally, they can make samples of several different flavours of cake for you to sample. By doing a taste testing you can get an idea of the different flavours and textures of each kind of cake and icing, which will help you in making the final and best decision.
There is a large variety of flavour and filling options out there. Popular cake flavours include classic vanilla or chocolate, marble, lemon, carrot or spice cake, which can be nicely paired with fillings such as white or dark chocolate cream, coffee, lemon, strawberry, raspberry or coconut. In terms of icing, bakers traditionally use fondant, butter cream, cream cheese or white chocolate icing. If you have a favourite flavour of cake, don’t be afraid to ask your baker if they can make it.
If you are having a multi-tiered cake ask your baker or caterer if it is possible to make each tier a different flavour or filling.
When it comes to decorating your wedding cake there are endless options. Again, make sure to take a good look at your baker’s portfolio, this will give you a good indication of their imagination and creativity, but also the level of difficulty that they can handle in terms of decorations.
If you are choosing to decorate your cake with the same colours that are being used in your wedding, make sure to bring in fabric samples for your baker or caterer. This will make it easier for them to match colours and shades, but take note that darker colours are harder to achieve when it comes to recreating the right shade of dye and colouring the icing.
In the past few years, cakes that appear to be made of fabric have become a popular trend. Embroidered and lace appliques, eyelets, French silk, gilded fabrics, draping and damasking are all beautiful options for any wedding cake.

Flowers are always a simple and elegant way to decorate your wedding cake that can easily tie your cake into your wedding theme and décor. When choosing between fresh or confectionary flowers there are a few things to consider. Confectionary flowers which are traditionally made from gum paste are long-lasting, but can lead to a higher-priced cake. The choice of flower and how many will be adorning the cake can easily increase the time and labour involved in making cake, which will be reflected in the final cost. Also note that these flowers will need to be removed as the cake is being served, which could potentially be added to the cake cutting fee.

Fresh flowers are certainly a beautiful and less expensive option for decorating your cake, but choose wisely. If not placed in water certain flowers, such as roses, can wilt easily, so there is a risk of the flowers not looking as fresh during the cake cutting as when they were first arranged on the cake. Also be aware that some fresh flowers may have been treated with pesticides, which can be harmful if ingested. Discuss these different options with your baker or caterer in order to pick ones that will best suit your cake.
Serving Size
Depending on how many guests will be attending your wedding reception and if you plan on serving them wedding cake, will determine the size of cake you will need to order. Prior to meeting with your baker or caterer you should have a solid number of how many guests you will be serving. Your baker or caterer can aid you in determining the number of servings you will need.
When determining the cost of a wedding cake, there are several things to take into consideration. Most bakers will base their basic cake fee by number of servings, in addition to the points discussed above which will also affect the final cost of your cake. A simple wedding cake can start at approximately $1.50 a slice. A basic three tier wedding cake can start at about $5.00 per serving. You can expect more elaborate cakes with fondant icing, intricate detailing and decadent fillings to begin anywhere as high as $10.00 per serving. The number of tiers, shape and any custom designs will all affect the final price of your cake. The more complicated your cake is the higher the cost will be.
Reserving the Date & Deposits
When searching for a baker or caterer to make your cake, make sure you have the date of your wedding set, so you can check their availability. Depending on the complexity and design of the cake you want, you may have to book the baker as early as six months in advance. Once you have found a baker that you like and that is available on your date, phone and make an appointment with them so they may sit down and meet with you. Walk-ins are not recommended as it is very likely that the baker will busy and will not have sufficient time to sit down and discuss the cake with you.
Once you have settled on the final design of your cake, most bakers will require you to pay a deposit to ensure that the bakery will hold the date. Again, depending on how elaborate your cake is will depend on how large the deposit will be. Bakers will generally start deposit rates around $50.00 to $100.00.

Delivery & Set-up
Most bakers and caterers will include the delivery and set-up charge in the base price for any wedding cake if it is being delivered locally. If the reception location is out of town there may be an additional charge. If you have ordered a larger and complex cake, your baker may charge you extra as they may need to send additional staff to ensure that the cake arrives safely. Ask your baker how they will be charging you for delivery, some may charge a flat fee or by distance. Also note that some bakers may charge you a cutting fee for the cake which can be an additional $1.00 per guest.
The Contract
So now that you have finalized all the details with your baker it is time to sign the contract. Go over the it carefully. Make sure that it is as detailed as possible and includes the following points:
·         The size and shape of the cake
·         Number of tiers
·         Flavours and fillings
·         Decorations (type of flower, ornaments, etc.)
·         Cake toppers
·         Cake sketch (Some bakers may provide this if the cake is particularly complex in design)
·         The date, time and location of the wedding
·         Delivery and set-up time
·         Delivery and set-up details such as where the cake is be located and how it will be presented.
·         Cancellation policy
·         Guarantees
·         Damaged Cake policy and plan of action
·         Deposit Fee
·         Delivery and Set-up fees
·         Total price
·         Balance due date

Monday, May 30, 2011

Emelle's June Activities and Events

Emelle's has a fabulous line-up of events this June. We hope that you will be able to join us.
Bard on the Beach (June 2 – September 24)
It’s that time of year again…time to head down to Vanier Park to celebrate the extraordinary works of William Shakespeare. This year’s line-up includes As You Like It, the Merchant of Venice, Henry VI and Richard III. To make your Shakespearean experience even more special, Emelle’s Catering has created three Shakespeare themed picnic baskets that can be enjoyed before your show. Baskets can be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance and can be picked up next to the box office 2 hours prior to the show. So find a good spot on the grass, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy your night with Emelle’s and Shakespeare!

For more information on the Bard on Beach Festival please visit the Bard website.
To order your Bard picnic basket please visit the Emelle's website.

Brian Jessel BMW 6th Annual Cabriolet Charity Gala (Saturday, June 11)
The always outstanding Brian Jessel Charity Gala is definitely a highlight and this year will be no exception. This year’s gala tickets offer guests a spectacular evening filled with live music from the Barenaked Ladies, amazing food from many of Vancouver’s top restaurants and caterers (including Emelle’s), the opportunity to bid on some amazing auction items and the chance to win a year’s lease on a brand new Brian Jessel BMW! Proceeds will be benefiting three charitable organizations including the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a night of great food and fun for a very worthy cause.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the gala please visit the Brian Jessel BMW website.

 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Telus Walk 2011 (Sunday, June 12) and Easter Seals 24-Hour Relay (June 18-19)

It’s time again to lace-up your running shoes for two important causes: The 2011 Telus Walk is a great opportunity for family, friends and the community to get outside and raise funds that will go towards finding a cure for those 300,000 plus Canadians living with type-1 diabetes. Over 48,000 Canadians participated in last year’s walk and helped raise over $7.5 million. We are hopeful that this year’s run will be even more successful.
The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities will be putting on their 33rd annual 24 Hour Relay! Relay races at Swanguard Stadium, UVIC and the Apple Bowl in Kelowna are raising funds for the Easter Seals camping program. This event makes it possible for children with disabilities to attend and participate in one-week camping programs that will lead to the development of new skills, friendships and greater independence.  So get together a group of friends or team-up with your work colleagues for this worthy cause.
Emelle’s Catering will be happily donating their time and service to these special events by cooking up some delicious food for the thousands of hard-working participants and volunteers.
For more information on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and to sign up for the walk please visit the JDRF website.
For more information on the Easter Seals 24-Hour Relay and to sign up a team please visit the 24-Hour Relay website.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Capturing Your Memories: Tips for Hiring a Photographer

Whether it's a wedding, birthday or anniversary, hiring the right person to capture your event is an important task. Photographs are a great option for party favors and thank you cards, but most importantly they are meant to capture those precious moments in your life for posterity. Hiring a professional photographer can be daunting, but with just a few simple tips and the right checklist of questions you can ensure that you will have beautiful photographs to treasure for a lifetime.

1. Finalize Event Details
There are certain event details that you should finalize before you starting looking for a photographer.
·         Date: Photographers are in high demand, so knowing your event date you will help you find a photographer who is available on that day. Set your date as soon as possible. It will give you more time to search for the right photographer, as well as increase the chances that they will be available for the date of the event.
·         Budget: Your event budget should be finalized before interviewing photographers. You should have a concrete number of how much you are able to spend. Martha Stewart.com states that photography and videography should make up approximately 10% of your budget.
·         Venue: Knowing the location of your event prior to interviewing photographers can influence the style of photographs you choose to take. When choosing a photographer it is a plus to hire someone who has worked in a particular venue and is familiar with the space. If you are hiring a photographer for a wedding be sure to inform them if you are having separate venues for the ceremony and reception.

2. Photo Styles
These will be photographs that you will be looking at for years to come, so choosing which style you wish to have your photos taken in is an important decision. You should become familiar with the different photographic styles prior to choosing your photographer. Browse through bridal and photography magazines; look online for wedding and event photographers. Plenty of research will ensure that you choose the style that best suits your taste.
·         Soft Focus: Appears almost dream-like and romantic with soft lighting.  Can often appear blurry. Having the photographer do a couple of shots in this style can be quite beautiful, but to shoot an entire wedding or event in this way can diminish its effect.
·         Portraiture/Traditional: The most common style for weddings. These photos are typically posed and quite formal. There is little spontaneity here. Though these photos are beautiful, more are straying from this style as there is little spontaneity, which is becoming the more modern and trendy style for weddings and events.
·         Natural Light: No flash, only natural light. When done well, the photo should remind you of art. This is very difficult to arrange in a wedding setting.
·         Photojournalistic: This style is quickly becoming the most popular & trendy. These photos are more spontaneous and candid than traditional photos. Reflective of story-telling these photos are meant to capture the natural actions and emotions of your guests. You can also experiment with different angles, aperture and lighting.
·         Editorial: This is probably the best compromise for a wedding or event. It is a mix of both traditionally posed pictures and photojournalism.

3. Researching Photographers
Now that you have set your date, made-up your budget and chosen the perfect style of photographs for your event it is time to begin researching photographers. Here are some helpful places to find the potential photographers for your event.
·         Friends & Family: If you have had a family member, friend, co-workers or someone you know who has recently been married or thrown a large event ask them for a photographer recommendation.
·         Event Planners/Caterers/Venues: These are industry professionals who have likely worked with many different photographers. Ask if they can provide you with a list of photographers that they would recommend.
·         Online: You can do a general search for photographers in your city, search vendor directories or again refer to the website of local event planners, caterers and other vendors in the business.
·         Trade Shows: Head to a bridal or event planning shows where there will be plenty of vendors including photographers.

4. The Interview
Once you have narrowed your search to a few photographers, it is time to meet with them. Keep the following list of points and questions on hand:

·         Previous Work: Ask to see a portfolio of their work. Check to that they have variety in their work such as different venues, locations, seasons and events. It is good to get an idea of the photographer’s versatility and style.
·         Equipment: What type of camera will they be using throughout the event? Will all of the photos be shot purely on digital or can they shoot a combination of film and digital? How old is their equipment? Is it professional grade equipment?
·         Additional Staff: Will the photographer be using an assistant during the event? Assistants allow the photographer to concentrate on you, while the assistant can be loading film, changing cameras or setting up equipment.
·         Packages & Pricing: Ask for an itemized list for picture sizes, reproductions, negatives & albums. Is there any room for customization? Will photos be available in black & white or sepia tone? Is their service based on hours of service or by shots taken? Are they able to do touch-ups? How will you receive the photos? Album, CD, negatives, etc.?
·         Personality: This point is particularly important. You want to make sure that personalities don’t clash or else it will be a miserable event for everyone. The photographer should make you feel comfortable and at ease. During the interview make note if the photographer is making an effort to get to know you and is asking you questions as well. Most importantly they should be friendly and enthusiastic about shooting your event.

How to identify an entry level photographer:
·         Poor images – lots of shadows and bad lighting
·         Flashed photos – do the images appear to be washed out or too bright
·         The photos appear boring and dated.
·         The people in the photos appear to be uncomfortable, stiff or staged.
·         They have an incomplete proof book or small portfolio.
·         You are not impressed or excited by their photos.

5. The Contract
Now that you have chosen the perfect photographer and set the date, it is time to sign the contract. Before you sign, read the entire contract carefully to check that it includes the following points:
·         Total Cost
·         Deposit Amount
·         Balance owing once services are rendered
·         Time limits & over-time charges
·         Time and location of event is specified and correct
·         Timeline for receiving the pictures following the event
·         Are proofs and prints included in the final price?
·         Any additional expenses that you have agreed to pay such as travel
·         Cancellation Policy

6. Post-Event
After your event make sure to contact your photographer for a follow-up and ask when you should be expecting the photo proofs. Once you have received the proofs you will be able to choose your favorites, along with the number and size of each picture. While doing so make sure to refer to the contract that you signed with the photographer which will outline the package that you ordered. Once you have finalized your order the prints can take several weeks to arrive.

Hiring a photographer who understands and fits your taste can seem intimidating, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort to find the right person it will certainly show in your beautiful photographs.

If you are looking for a photographer in Vancouver we have a great list of professionals on our links page.

Photos by Brooka Photographic and D'soleil Studios

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring is in Bloom

Spring is here! And what better way to celebrate than with great food, wine and some good friends. That's what we did at Emelle's.

Thursday, May 12 marked the evening of Emelle’s 12th Annual Spring Fling. It was a beautiful spring evening as guests entered through the café doors adorned with lanterns in shades of tangerine, raspberry and lime green. Inside, guests were welcomed to have a glass of wine and sampled some of Emelle’s newest and tastiest creations yet.
Some of our tasty treats included:
emelle’s signature edible garden w/ a trio of dips
fresh summer meadow tarts w/ edible flowers
oven dried tomato, goat cheese & basil puffs
smoked salmon & chive tartlettes
mini dungeness crab clubhouse w/ madagascar vanilla
sunshine spot prawn duets w/ sake cups of prawn bisque

alligator pot pie
meatballs in parmesan cups
lamb lollipops w/ blueberry gastrique
kangaroo skewers w/ thai curry dipping sauce
sliced venison in mini yorkies w/ blue cheese infused foam
oh henry barspistachio macarons
lemon citron tort topped w/ fresh blueberry & mango
white chocolate mousse in dark chocolate cups w/ curacou pearls
emelle's chocolate cupcakes

The talk of the evening was definitely the exotic meat selection of alligator, kangaroo and venison. We are happy to say that our fearless group of guests tried and loved every bite.

We would like to say a special thank you to David and Maurizio from Debut Event Design who did an amazing job transforming our café. Also a big thank you to Dion at Big Red Chair Events for providing linens and rentals. Emelle’s was thrilled to host such a cheerful and fun group of guests this year. We would like to thank everyone for making it such an exceptional event.