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Monday, June 13, 2011

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too Part II

Alternative Wedding Desserts and Treats
Last week we offered tips on ordering the wedding cake of your dreams, but in recent years many brides having been moving away from having the traditional wedding cake. If you like many other modern brides are looking for new dessert ideas to show off your unique personality and style, look no further. We have a few ideas:

These miniatures are quickly becoming the popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. They can be easily plated in tiers to resemble a wedding cake, but are far easier to serve to your guests as they are already individually portioned. Cupcakes are less expensive and can allow for a variety of flavours and designs rather than an entire cake in one flavour. Kiss Wedding has some beautiful cupcakes to spark your imagination.

French Macarons
Like cupcakes, making entire cakes or towers out of yummy French Macarons is quickly becoming a popular trend among modern brides. They too can offer a great variety of flavours and fillings to please any crowd. As My Riviera Wedding points out they can also make fantastic party favours for your guests.
Ice Cream Sandwiches
These are a great idea for any summer wedding. Like cupcakes they can easily be made into individual portions in a variety of different cookie and ice cream flavours. Try having a sandwich bar where guests can build their own individual sandwiches with their favourite cookie and ice cream. Check out Chez Wedd for some cool ideas.
Ice Cream or Candy Shops
Set up a miniature goodie shop, grazing station or sundae bar with a variety of different treats. Ice cream or gelato with different sauces, candy toppings and whipped cream or a Willy Wonka themed candy shop are all fun ideas. The key to having one of these stations at your reception is to have a wide variety of desserts and treats so you can please the entire crowd. Style Me Pretty has great ideas to make your guests feel like kids in a candy store!

Nothing is quite as homey and welcoming as warm apple pie, we say. If you are having a casual and intimate wedding in a backyard or on a farm, serving a variety of tasty homemade pies is the way to go. Apple, blueberry, strawberry & rhubarb, lemon meringue, key lime, pecan and banana cream are all classic favourites that are simple, will please everyone and won’t break your budget. We love A Million Little Details idea of making individual pies and crisps in mason jars that can be easily served at the wedding reception or can be sent home with guests as party favours.
Think of chewy cinnamon buns, sweet baklava, creamy éclairs and crispy cannoli. Doing tiered display of these delectable pastries and several others will put a smile on any wedding guest’s face. If you are looking for a more awe-inspiring pastry display try croquembouche. Traditionally made with cream puffs, this gravity-defying French favourite is built using a paper cone, then coated with caramel or chocolate drizzle. Wedaholic has great ideas for incorporating different flavours into your croquembouche wedding cake and tips on how to serve it properly.
Pudding and Mousses
This is an area of dessert where you can really creative with serving and presentation. Rather than serving pudding or mousses in traditional bowls, try chilled wine glasses, champagne flutes, espresso cups, sake cups, chocolate shells or even edible chocolate spoons. And you can get just as creative with the fillings. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, mocha, lemon, lime or berry mousses are simple to make and even easier to eat. Classic desserts such as rice pudding, tiramisu and parfaits are other fun options for your guests. If you have an ample budget you could even try individual crème caramel, crème brulee or flan. The Daily Olive suggests individual shot glasses of each dessert, so everyone can try a bit of each.

Carnival Fare
This is a great option for the fun and playful couple. Try setting up individual stands serving cotton candy, caramel apples, mini donuts and churros. If you are looking to fancy things up but still keep the fun try frozen bananas dipped in different gourmet chocolates or deep-fried chocolate bars served with a variety of ports and cognacs. Popsicles and snow cones can easily be made adult by adding your favourite fruit liqueur, but are still as fun to eat as when you were a kid. Martha Stewart has a sweet and stylish carnival stand to inspire you.
For the coffee lover who is having a late fall or winter wedding, this warm and toasty dessert alternative is bound make any guest feel welcomed. Try hiring a professional barista who can whip up a variety of coffee infusions with fresh milks, creams, sugars, syrups and liqueurs. You could even expand upon coffee by serving specialty teas, hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Of course you will need some tasty treats for dipping, such as biscotti, sugar cookies, shortbread, madeleines or mini donuts. These yummy cookies along with monogrammed pouches of your favourite coffee beans would make great personalized party favours. Visit Weddingstar for simple and sweet coffee bar ideas.
When it comes to your own wedding reception you shouldn’t feel that you are limited to only having wedding cake as your dessert. You are only limited by your imagination.

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