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emelle's catering ltd. opened its doors to greet our first guests in may of 1999. with a new, cool, contemporary and polished look, we quickly became the neighborhood's favorite place to stop for breakfast and lunch. our first guests, now turned regulars, have become dependant on emelle's to set the precedent for remarkable service and delicious cuisine.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

we're cooking up the foods you want!

We stumbled upon a list of top ten foods of the decade. As we went through the list, we could name numerous items we offered relating to each top food. That’s just another way “we cater to you”. We follow the trends and are listening to what clients want. We take note of what people are craving and make sure we’re creating and catering to your tastes.

Have a look for yourself and maybe build up a bit of an appetite to come down and visit us for a bite:

1. Sushi
Vegetarian or seafood. Order our maki sushi bites for your grazing station or to be passed as an hors d’oeuvre. Guaranteed to be gobbled up by happy guests.

2. Bacon
In the restaurant order one of our burgers with crispy bacon. My personal recommendation is our jd burger – a juicy beef patty with house made bbq sauce featuring jack daniel’s whiskey, topped with crispy strips of sizzling bacon and melted slices of real cheddar & sautéed mushrooms.

3. Cupcakes
We do the pretty and fancy sweet cupcakes. Flavours galore and topped with lots of sugary icing. But if you’re looking for savoury cupcakes with a twist try one of our mouth-watering creations:        
bacon & cheddar potato cupcake with sour cream icing
turkey & cranberry mashed potato cupcake
pork loin & apple chip cupcake

4. Sliders
These mini bite-sized burgers are a definite hit at summer bbqs. The best part is that they’re small enough that you can try all of the unique pairings we’ve concocted.
beef & blue cheese
vegetable patty with sprouts & feta
turkey & mango chutney

5. Gourmet Burgers
Our creative cooks are cooking up a storm and love getting creative with out-of-this-world burgers. These are only a few of the many amazing burgers they’ve got grilling:
crunchy Cajun beer battered chicken breast, sizzling bacon & melted cheese with a smoky garlic aioli
hawaiian chicken burger, marinated in a savoury teriyaki sauce with slices of fresh pineapple
bc sockeye salmon garnished with matchstick carrots & celery and a dollop of sweet chilli aioli

6. Superfruits such as blueberry, pomegranate and acai
Staying healthy is a juggling act. Make is simple by getting your healthy dose of antioxidants and nutrients without sacrificing taste. We’ve incorporate superfruits into some of our most popular menu items:
chèvre & pomegranate en croute
balsamic glazed carrots, cipollini onions & pomegranate
venison & blueberry sausage roll
blueberry mint tea jus
“unbelievably divine” lemon and blueberry tarts

7. Olive Oil
As olive oil offers more nutrition and flavour than vegetable and seed oil, there’s no questions why it’s rising so quickly in popularity. We use olive oil in many of our dishes including some of the following greek inspired creations:
artichoke, capers, & olives with extra virgin olive oil & lemon topped with shredded parmesan
baby red potatoes grilled with olive oil & herbs
rolled greek salad with micro greens seasoned feta herb olive oil drizzle

8. Whole Grains
Emelle’s recognizes the importance whole grains play in a healthy diet, so we offer whole grain options. Our incredibly popular microbites (muffins, scones, bagels) can be made with whole grains, for a heartier breakfast. All of our pasta meals can be ordered with whole wheat pasta. Our bread always includes a good variety of multi-grain and whole wheat buns and rolls.

9. Artisan foods, particularly in breads, cheeses and dark chocolates
Our kitchen offers a fine selection of artisan rolls and buns. Emelle’s also has a wide variety of artisan rolls, such as marble, rye, cheese & onion and sour dough.
All of our cheese platters are made with an array of fine domestic as well as imported artisan cheeses, garnished with your choice of fresh fruit or nuts & dried fruit.
Our bakery is always coming up with luscious dark chocolate confections!

10. Coffees, teas
We brew organic and fair-trade certified coffee made from the finest green arabica beans from the richest coffee growing regions around the globe. Whatever your taste, we can provide the perfect blend for you – from light and delicate to bold and intense.
Tea is never in shortage at emelle’s. Providing the perfect cup of tea - a classic “red rose”,  a soft herbal or revitalizing green tea, we have the perfect cup of tea for you.

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